Judy to make Winnipeg A City That Entertains


Judy Wasylycia-Leis today announced her plan to have Winnipeggers celebrate their city and provide a warm, welcoming and fun urban atmosphere for visitors.

“Some of Winnipeg’s greatest assets are its diverse neighbourhoods that are hotbeds of live music, festivals as well arts and culture,” said Wasylycia-Leis. “Our plan can help strengthen neighbourhoods and make them sources of local pride while making them places people want to visit and enjoy all the great things we have to offer.”

This strategy builds on the success of the existing film and special events office with the City of Winnipeg. Judy will expand the scope and resources of the office focussing on the following areas:

Arts and Culture: Judy will implement a key recommendation of Manitobans for the Arts, which is to incorporate the arts and culture sector into all municipal planning.

Judy will ensure the Winnipeg Arts Council receives an annual cost of living increase, that the arts council is consulted on planning and has a role in the Our Winnipeg Studio, and that the five per cent funding for museums previously cut by City Hall is restored within the next two years.

In addition, Judy is committed to developing an Aboriginal arts policy, with Indigenous artists taking the lead in the process.

Live Music and Entertainment: Judy will support the live music industry by providing a service through the film and special events office to connect artists with venues. This will complement changes the Manitoba government made to liquor laws designed to foster a stronger live music scene.

Festivals and Block Parties: Judy will work with small festivals and block parties to address the costs associated with street closures and liability insurance that can make small festivals and block parties prohibitively expensive.

This builds on Judy’s previous announcement of the $250,000 Mayor’s Community Enterprise Fund. The fund would provide loans of up to $10,000 to help finance innovative ideas such as pop-up restaurants, small businesses, emerging music and arts festivals and other events that promote economic development, make our community more vibrant and enhance our quality of life.

“I fell in love with this city the day that my husband Ron and I moved here. The strengths of this city is its diversity. It is time to celebrate it, grow it and share it with the world,” said Wasylycia-Leis.