Fixing City Hall

Judy will restore trust at City Hall through the creation of Accountability Winnipeg, an independent watchdog that will put an end to back-room deals and expensive cost overruns that put the interests of a few ahead of you and your family.

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Judy receives city-wide support

Judy pledges to restore trust at City Hall through new watchdog, more open government

A City That Works ad hits airwaves Sept. 14

OurWinnipeg Task Force will help make Winnipeg a City That Works

Statement on Real Estate Audit


Rebuilding Our Infrastructure

Judy will fix Winnipeg’s crumbling roads, sidewalks, back lanes, water, sewer, wastewater systems and improve bike paths by making smart investments now that will take a bite out of the infrastructure deficit, saving Winnipeggers money in the future while keeping property taxes affordable.

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Judy would make rebuilding key routes an infrastructure priority

Judy will make Winnipeg A City That Works through Active Transportation

Judy to make Winnipeg A City That Works by taking bite out of the infrastructure deficit

Judy unveils her four commitments to make Winnipeg A City That Works at official opening of her campaign headquarters

Judy will fight to make Winnipeg A City That Works


Protecting City Services

Judy will protect front-line services such as police, fire, paramedic, garbage collection, snow removal, transit and rapid transit from cuts while improving those that don’t live up to the standards you and your family deserve.

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Judy pledges to protect front-line services, commits to winter services plan

Judy's safety strategy focuses on smart policing, community partnerships and opportunities for youth


Creating Opportunities