Judy to make Winnipeg A City That Works by taking bite out of the infrastructure deficit


Judy Wasylycia-Leis announced today she will take a bite out of Winnipeg’s infrastructure deficit by investing $400 million in local and regional roads over the next four years while keeping property taxes affordable.

“We will make Winnipeg A City That Works by focusing on the number one priority of Winnipeggers, fixing our roads,” said Wasylycia-Leis. “Our action will allow us to take a bite out of the infrastructure deficit so we don’t leave a legacy of crumbling infrastructure to our children.”

Under the plan proposed by Judy, she will build on the $340 million in road construction already approved by city council by investing a further $60 million in local and regional roads over the next four years.

The revenue provided through two per cent in dedicated property taxes will support road construction and rehabilitation both through direct cash payments and smart financing that will advance the timelines on these capital projects.

Judy will ensure these modest increases in financing are well below the guidelines set by bond rating agencies to ensure there is no threat to the city`s cost of borrowing.

Judy is also committed to reforming the design, management and approval of all capital projects by adopting reforms recommended by the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association and through the KPMG audit of Winnipeg`s new police station and the Ernst Young audit into Winnipeg`s real estate transactions.

“Winnipeg families need to be ensured that their mayor and council are honest, transparent and are following the highest standards in how we proceed on road construction and all capital projects,” said Wasylycia-Leis. “I am committed to be accountable to citizens and ensuring they know that every dollar allocated for road construction is spent on road construction.”

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