Judy will make Winnipeg A City That Works by engaging, including youth


Judy Wasylycia-Leis announced today her plan to ensure that youth become full participants in municipal government and that their views are reflected in policy at City Hall.

"For too long, the doors of City Hall have been closed to all but a select few people," said Wasylycia-Leis. "If I am elected mayor, I will ensure young people and all Winnipeggers have a voice."

This spring, Judy opened her home to 60 young people who shared their ideas on how to make Winnipeg A City That Works. They shared their ideas about jobs, housing, food security, the environment, the local economy and arts and entertainment.

Judy has committed to taking the best of those ideas and making them part of her policy agenda if she is elected mayor. They include:

Mayor’s Community Enterprise Fund: Through this $250,000 fund, the city will provide loans of up to $10,000 to help finance innovative ideas such as pop-up restaurants, small businesses, emerging music and arts festivals and other events that promote economic development, make our community more vibrant and enhance our quality of life.

More Recreation Options: Judy will commit to establishing a 24/7 community centre, a recommendation of Aboriginal Youth Opportunities Winnipeg.

Sustainability Winnipeg: Judy will establish a new municipal office that will help promote and co-ordinate grassroots green initiatives, building on the success of Peg City Car Co-op , community gardens and other sustainability initiatives to help these organizations reach more people.

Smarter Urban Planning: Judy will make sure that young Winnipeggers will have a role in the OurWinnipeg Task Force. They strongly expressed support for rapid transit, cycling and other active transportation options as well as more affordable urban housing.

Youth Advisory Council: Judy has committed to establishing a permanent Mayor's Youth Advisory Council, an idea she originally proposed during the 2010 mayoral campaign.

"I want to make sure the innovative ideas, passion and creativity of young people shape the city and make it the community we all know it can be," said Wasylycia-Leis. "The best way of engaging with young Winnipeggers is demonstrating that their voices matter."